Polaris 4 - FFXIV Fanbook Bundle Previews
Polaris 4 - Guiding Star Edition Stationery Previews

PREORDER: Polaris 4 - FFXIV Fanbook

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120 pg. softcover illustration/comic book for an original Warrior of Light (Raih'a Bajihri) x Crystal Exarch.  Includes all fanwork from Patch 5.3 to Pre-Patch 5.5, and also an original 17 page comic post-Patch 5.3.  

The standard edition includes just the book.

The limited Guiding Star edition includes a stationery letter-writing set, which includes 10 sheets of 5x8 paper, 10 envelopes, 4 notecards, one 3" sticker and one 4x6" kraft sticker sheet (with ten stickers).

NOTICE:  This book contains adult content, and by purchasing this book, the customer agrees that they are at/over the age of legal consent in their country and are not purchasing with the intent of sharing with minors.