Ancients Standee - Venat
Ancients Standee - Hermes
Ancients Standee - Themis
Ancients Standee - Emet & Hythlodaeus
Ancients Standee - Group

FFXIV Ancients Acrylic Standees

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Each approximately 18cm (~7 inches) standee includes 3 pieces (base, Elpis frame and character), featuring either Venat and Argos, Hermes and Meteion, Themis or Emet-Selch and Hythlodeaus with Sanuwa.

B-Grade: The B-grade version of the Emet & Hythlodaeus standee has identical art, but the tab at the bottom connecting the characters to the base is about half an inch longer than usual, so it stands "above" the base a little taller.  There are no issues with the printing on this piece.