Tarot Standee - G'raha Tia (Scion)
Tarot Standee - Warrior of Light (Raih'a)
Tarot Standee - Crystal Exarch
Tarot Standee -Emet Selch
Tarot Standee - Ardbert

FFXIV Tarot Acrylic Standees

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Each 18cm (~7 inches) standee includes 4 pieces (base, banner, character and tarot card backing), featuring either the Crystal Exarch / G'raha Tia, Emet-Selch / Hades, Ardbert / Warrior of Darkness, or an original Warrior of Light from FFXIV Shadowbringers.

The Warrior of Light edition comes with an 8CM 'Lovers' shaker charm.

Note: PLEASE go very slowly when peeling the protective plastic off the acrylic pieces, as the adhesive can be very strong.